Building Simulation

The Building simulation unveils the consequences of your choices concerning the construction project and property management while predicting the outcome of the project.

Born out of the necessity to establish a results-oriented leadership model for the construction and property industry, simulation offers a strategic approach to project and property management by showcasing the cause-and-effect relationships associated with various choices. The software also empowers the design team with a real-time situational overview of the construction project.

  • Anticipate and plan investment needs
  • Evaluate the profitability of investment decisions.
  • Anticipate the cost and carbon footprint of the project before starting the design work
  • Compare different design solutions
  • Equip the design team with a comprehensive understanding of the construction project’s current situation

How does the simulation work?

Detailed simulation with minimal initial data

By furnishing the simulation with essential project details such as desired building specifications, location, and functional requirements, the software meticulously models every aspect of your project. This includes intricate details like structural elements, technical components, and construction tasks. Furthermore, the simulation breaks down these elements into materials, labor, installation supplies, and equipment, while accurately calculating the projected cost and carbon footprint and providing transparency on their origins.

The simulation also takes into account plot conditions and architectural considerations. Users can input zoning regulations and furnish detailed information on the location, down to the floor level based on draft drawings. As the design progresses and evolves, the simulation seamlessly updates itself with the latest information, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Key characteristics of the simulation

Space Planning:

The simulation offers detailed space planning capabilities, tailoring the spaces to meet user’s specific needs and ensuring spaces that add value to the project

Modelling of the building:

The software models the building in detail, including the structural and technical parts as well as construction tasks, while also indicating the costs and carbon footprint ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.

Design solutions:

The simulation allows for quickly and cost-efficiently modelling and calculating the impacts of all the design variations.

Simulated repair programme:

The building simulation calculates the property’s life cycle and simulates the repair needs of building components based on anticipated timeframes. This proactive approach enables the anticipation and planning of necessary repairs, streamlining property maintenance efforts.

Who can benefit from the building simulation?

The simulation caters to a wide range of stakeholders, ensuring results-driven leadership in construction projects and property investment decisions across various domains. 

The simulation is suitable for

  • evaluating investment decisions and different scenarios
  • new construction and renovation projects
  • managing a large real estate portfolio
  • planning and managing long-term maintenances and repair debt of the properties

Learn about the different ways to use the building simulation

Trainings and commissioning

We offer our customers a guided commissioning process and fully tailored trainings where our experts help you use the simulation in the exact way your project requires. In addition to the trainings and commissioning, our customer support is ready to help you with the usage of the building simulation whenever you need it.

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