The ELY Center of Häme has granted a company development grant for Realaizer from the European Regional Development Fund under the Act on State Grants for Business Development (9/2014).

About us

Behind the simulation model, there is a team of experts dedicated to ensuring that properties endure longer, consume fewer resources, and meet the needs of their users.

Who we are

Realaizer is developed by a group of over 50 professionals who are passionate and ambitious in their respective fields, including architecture, programming, and construction. We are driven by a strong desire to revolutionize the construction and real estate industry by providing solutions that lead to positive change.

Realaizer is part of the Haahtela Group, which has always placed emphasis on academic research and a commitment to transforming the entire construction sector. We bring systematic planning, predictability, and sustainable environmental considerations to the construction, development, and maintenance of properties.

Under one roof, we possess exceptional expertise in construction, cost management, and transforming this knowledge into services and software for others to benefit from. Our long-standing client relationships, reputation as the most innovative and reliable player in the industry, numerous awards, and the software we have developed for use in the field and education are a testament to our expertise.

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How was the idea of the simulation model born?

From the very beginning, Haahtela has had a strong focus on academic research and development, which is uncommon in the real estate and construction industry. The entire company’s story began with Professor Yrjänä Haahtela’s research work, which is the most influential factor behind the simulation model.

The foundation of the simulation model is based on a vision that has been evolving for decades: a comprehensive digital simulation model that reveals the consequences of choices. This vision has now materialized with Realaizer, where the simulation model enables the management of construction projects from ideation to investment, guiding projects towards successful outcomes.